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Everything I share is about guiding you to discover who YOU are.

As you explore, question and become more curious about how life works, with me as your guru, we will continue to look back within to ensure you are being YOU.

No holds barred. No excuses. Just YOU, perfect, whole and complete.

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Emma Slinn

Self Love Community

I love the live Zoom chats that we have because we get to see each other again and get to have a chat and catch up.

I also get to meet new people too who experience the same as me too.

The group has helped me feel more confident about myself and how to to think about things in different ways and more positive ways.

It has also helped me to love myself more and to be kind to myself more. Thank you so much.


Sue Lachman


I wouldn’t in a million years have dreamt I could get to where I am.

It’s hard to know where to start. So many wonderful things have happened since being mentored by Deb Simmons and Bec Sheffield.

OH MY GOSH!! I had no idea the depth and understanding that both Deb and Bec have.

I have been gently led with love, kindness and patience to see things on a much deeper level than I could ever have expected.


Rach Mortimore

Conference 2023

It was definitely the conference which changed my life too.

Someone wise at that conference said, when you change, others change. 

So true. Things have shifted for me with my relationship with my children and ex husband, I've been told I look like a different person,

I feel like a different person.  I cannot even begin to thank you all enough for that.

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